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3D design

Why 3D design from Paradox-Grafix?

With a great passion for 3D design, Paradox-Grafix breathes digital life into your ideas. Using first-class 3D software, we create models, scenes and textures that are almost indistinguishable from reality. Our extensive expertise extends to product visualizations, technical animations, realistic representations, cutaway representations, functional animations and explanatory videos. Our in-depth technical know-how enables us to present the functionality of a product in a detailed and animated way. Whether as a single image or as a video, there are no limits to the realization of your visions.

3D Model

It all starts with the creation of the 3D model, where we use various sources such as sketches, image templates or existing CAD files to model complex shapes or customized components according to your individual ideas.


In the next step, we bring the 3D model to life by creating realistic surfaces with matching textures. We use image templates and material references to achieve a precise end result that is almost indistinguishable from reality.


Finally, we skillfully showcase the 3D model through a combination of clever lighting and professional rendering. Through the skillful use of light and shadow, we create depth and produce a breathtakingly photorealistic 2D image.

Our workflow

Our aim is to complete your project quickly, efficiently and successfully. Throughout the process, we actively keep you informed and involve you in my work. Here are the four steps I follow to successfully implement your ideas:


1. Inquiry

Your request is the starting point. You can send us existing data, image templates and materials to speed up the process. Please describe in detail what your requirements are and what you want to achieve. Open communication is crucial to achieve a perfect end result.

2. Offer

Based on your inquiry, we will prepare a detailed quotation in which all services and the transparent price are listed in detail. Fixed prices allow us both to plan with certainty.

3. Production

In this step, we implement your product in the desired quality. During production, we keep you regularly informed and ask for your feedback to ensure that the result meets your quality requirements.

4. Delivery

In the final step, we hand over the finished data to you. Two free correction loops are included to ensure that everything meets your expectations. The final product can be delivered in various formats and is suitable for a wide range of media.

The costs

The cost of a 3D visualization is mainly made up of three factors: the scope of the project, the level of detail and the time frame. Every project is unique and has individual requirements in terms of design, functionality, processing time and level of detail. It should be noted that a simple visualization will cost less than a complex animation. Thanks to our efficient workflow, we can save time and offer transparent prices.



The Size of the project includes aspects such as the creation of the 3D models, the number of scenes, possible animations, the complexity of the scenes and the number of desired perspectives. The duration of the rendering process also plays a role here.

Level of detail

The level of detail has a direct impact on the time required and therefore on the price. It is important to determine the desired level of detail from the outset. A photorealistic representation, for example, requires a higher level of detail than a stylized representation.

Time frame

The costs are also linked to the time frame. The longer a project takes, the higher the total costs. By using templates, materials or existing 3D models, we can save time, which has a positive impact on costs.

Would you like an offer?

We will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer for your unique 3D visualization and work together on your project. It is important to us to successfully implement your project. Your request is free of charge and without obligation. Let's explore together what possibilities we can realize together...

Project focus (multiple selection possible)
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Thank you! I will contact you promptly ...


Let's chat...

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Thank you for your message to me

Simone B.

The service provided impresses with its technical expertise and professionalism. The quality of the work is outstanding and the implementation is very successful. The presentation is high class. All in all, a very successful result.

Alexon T.

The graphics are really well done and look very realistic. Simply superb!

Silni F.

I have had a very positive experience with Paradox-Grafix. Your work is simply great and has really inspired me. I'm already looking forward to working with you again.

Toni H.

Your way of working is characterized by attention to detail, precision and a high level of professionalism. The results are impressive with high quality and a vibrant look. We are extremely satisfied with your work! Thank you very much!
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